Vegetarian Three Bean Quesadillas




Three Bean Quesadilla


Oh the Quesadilla. I didn’t think about posting this until a few friends and family asked why its not on my website. You see I make these things all the time. Sometimes up to three times per week for a dinner entree. This is because they are nutritious, easy, and taste great. Living in Alaska we do not have a lot of manufacturing. That means that we do not have access to a large variety of fresh groceries. However, we do have a tortilla factory. Therefore we have the pleasure of eating locally made fresh tortillas.

Quesadilla ingredients

Enjoy this recipe because this is not from the drive through or a big box franchise restaurant. It’s home made with good ingredients. I added this to MyFitnessPal as a custom food under ‘Vegetarian Three Bean Quesadilla’. See the image below; at 330 calories and 18 grams of protein this is not bad at all. Even the dude that doesn’t want to eat soy can eat this!




  • First dice your onion and bell pepper
  • Pre heat your sauté pan
  • Pre heat your griddle skillet to medium low
  • Rinse your beans
  • Sauté the onion and bell pepper until the onions are clear
  • Add the beans and hit it with the taco seasoning. This step should only take a few minutes. The beans just need to get warm and the seasoning needs to mix in.
  • Apply a very small amount of cooking oil to the griddle
  • Toss a tortilla on the griddle. You should hear a sizzle.
  • Let that tortilla get warm and slightly toasted then flip it over
  • Working fast after the flip, add your cheese (as much as you want) on one side of the tortilla
  • Add the three bean filling
  • Top off with more cheese
  • Fold it over to make a half round Quesadilla
  • Let the side toast (but not burn) then flip over to finish toasting the other side. This will ensure that the cheese is melted and that the finished product will have a little crunch to it.


Garnish with salsa, guacamole, Greek yogurt and enjoy!

Onion Filling

three bean filling

Quesadilla prep 7



Quesadilla prep 4

Quesadilla prep 3

Quesadilla prep 2

Quesadilla prep 1




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