Easy Veggie Spring Rolls





20 min


30 min



  • 1 pack Cooked Noodles (Rice, Buckwheat, or your choice)
  • Celery, Carrots, Bell Peppers, Bean Sprouts Fresh Veggies
  • About three sprigs Fresh Mint
  • 1 pack Tapioca Spring Roll Wrapper Paper
  • Wasabi Sesame Seeds


Easy Spring Rolls


This is a dish that for years I would order in a restaurant and think that there is no way that I could make these at home. Then one day I ran across tapioca wrapper paper at a store and thought that I would give it a shot. It turns out that its really easy and you can put what ever you want in them. I like to mix and match various fruits, vegetables, noodles, and rice. You can make these as low or high calorie as you want. If you want to wrap a stick of butter in three or four sheets of tapioca wrapper paper then go for it if that’s what your into. I like butter but I am not about to make it into a spring roll. Below are my examples of what I make with them.

Spring Rolls


  • Slice all of your vegetables into thin strips so that they easily fit in the Spring Roll
  • Cook your noodles and strain
  • Make an assembly station
    • Chopping board for rolling
    • Cup of warm water to dampen the wrappers
    • Sliced veggies
    • Cooked and cooled noodles

Spring Roll Prep 1




  • Take a dry paper and place is on your chopping board
  • Dip you fingertips into the warm water and dap the wrapper with the water
    • The wrapper will turn clear and very flexible
  • Place a 4” strip of noodles about 1.5” from the bottom of the wrapper
  • Top the noodles with your veggies
  • Fold in the left and right sides over the filling to initiate the rolling
  • Bring the 1.5” of wrapper from the bottom and fold it over the filling
  • Carefully roll until it is complete

Wrapping 1


Spring Rolls 2


Spaghetti Squash with Tofu and stir fry veggies.

Spring Rolls 3


Wasabi Sesame Seeds!  These make an awesome garnish to any asian dish.


Wasabi Sesame Seeds



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