Tofu Bacon!



5 min


10 min



  • 1 block or 3 oz Baked Tofu – We like Wild Wood Organic Savory Flavor
  • About a teaspoon. Just enough to fry with. Olive Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce (we use Bragg's)
  • black pepper (optional for seasoning)



This is a staple in my home.  Its one of the only ways that my wife will eat tofu.  It taste great in tacos, stir fry, and burgers.  Easy and delicious.


  • Slice the Tofu
  • Prepare a large sauté pan with two table spoons of olive oil on medium heat
  • Place the slices in the pan and add a coat of soy sauce. You shouldn’t need more that a tablespoon.
  • Cover and let them sizzle for about five minutes the flip them. Repeat this until they turn crunchy like bacon


Sliced TofuFrying Tofu

Finished tofu

Tofu Bacon

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