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Top 10 Essential Vegetarian Kitchen Gadgets 



4.  Chopping Boards


Cutting Board

Price at the time of the article (8/11/2016):   $14.99 – Amazon


Chopping boards are an essential part of cooking. I like these boards because they’re made from sustainable bamboo which is easier on your knives while being stronger than wood. You want a set of three because you don’t want to cross-contaminate during cooking. Meaning, use one for produce, one for poultry and one for meat. They’re also so nice looking that you can serve with them. Cheese and crackers anyone?

5.  Sharp Ass Knife

Sushi Knife

Price at the time of the article (8/11/2016):   $9.95 – Amazon


You can spend your entire life savings on knives. Not to mention the time it takes to research the best options. Do you know how many knives exist and how many knife enthusiasts are out there to tell you about them (aka sell them to you)? It’s mind-blowing. This knife was purchased by my wife for one specific purpose – making vegetarian sushi rolls at home. I was frustrated with my traditional, far more expensive cutlery. This knife has ended up being my go-to knife for all cooking. It is light in weight and stays sharp making it perfect for preparing all the dishes I choose to attempt.




6. Silpat


Price at the time of the article (8/11/2016):   $24.73 – Amazon


This mat is super cool. If you’re making cookies or French fries or pizzas, this baking sheet is waiting to assist you. It’s non-stick and just remains on our baking sheet at all times. The more you use it, the darker it gets and that’s how it’s supposed to work! It’s like a baking stone in the sense that it benefits your food from the seasoning it gets from being baked on. Also an inexpensive addition to your kitchen that you’ll wonder how you lived without. Bye bye, parchment paper. Go Green!



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