10 Essential Vegetarian Kitchen Gadgets

Top 10 Essential Vegetarian Kitchen Gadgets 


Hi! my name is Clyde and cook awesome vegetarian meals at home.  I thought that I would provide you with information on the best tools and gadgets to use when cooking my awesome vegetarian recipes.  This is my top 10 list.  I use a lot more but these are my favorites.  I hope this helps you get started or helps you find a gift for the vegetarian in your life.  Numbers six and eight have changed the game for me.  Its basically cheating.  Please check it out and thanks for visiting.



1. V-Slicer

V slicer

Price at the time of the article (8/11/2016):   $43.52 – Amazon


If you are going to cook a vegetarian meal then you are going to have to slice a ton of vegetables. This gets it done so easily. You can also cut things like tomatoes and cucumbers super thin. It makes making a salad really easy or chopping that carrot for your soup consistent and really fast.   It also has a julienne option. I use this to make shoe string French fries and hash browns.



2.  Weber Style 6435 Professional-Grade Grill Pan

Grilling Tray

Price at the time of this article (8/11/2016):   $19.99 Amazon


This is one of my most favorite tools to cook with. It allows me to grill veggies perfectly every single time and has changed the flavor of my cooking. It never fails, when people see me use it, they always say “I have to get one of those.”


Recipes where I use this: Awesome Asparagus



3.  Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black



Price at the time of this article (8/11/16): $449.98 Amazon


Why? Because every one of every diet preference needs a good blender. You may not even know it yet. Vitamix is expensive, but it has a few features that rank it over other blender options in my opinion. First is the lid. It installs and removes quickly. It also has an option of using a stirring wand (included with purchase) for blending extra thick concoctions like smoothies or sinful milkshakes. In addition, it has a powerful motor that blends the crap out of things. A knob controls the motor so you can turn it up and down really easily. Lastly, it’s easy to clean. The pitcher portion is only three parts so you can place it in the dishwasher easily or you can blend water and soap in it for a few minutes which I believe is Vitamix’s recommended cleaning method.


Recipes where I use this: Black Bean Puree



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